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Planet Forever

Home of the community-driven Earth Eternal resurrection project.

Explore some of its hidden potential with unlocked developer commands to build your own personal grove with a vast array of prefabricated scenery. Stay tuned for additional modifications or new features.

If you're a veteran player, enjoy the nostalgia. If you're a new player, welcome to our ranks.

Registration is presently closed. This site and server will be shutting down within the next few months. I am no longer interested in maintaining or supporting the game. The domain is set to expire on March 9, 2015.

Material for server downloads and bonus archived content will be made publicly available very soon.

When the domain expires, the actual server may still be available at IP address for a short time.

Why is it called Planet Forever? The origin of a name.

For detailed documentation of unlocked commands, new features, tutorials, and gameplay mechanics, visit the Reference Index. Tons of information is provided there.

Having trouble starting the client? Troubleshooting.

Server Update: Feb 5, 2014 (server release 36, client release 12)

View the Release 36 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes. This update mostly fixes minor bugs and improves a few subsystems. Gameplay changes were minimal.

Server Update: Mar 25, 2014 (server release 35)

View the Release 35 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes. This update mostly improves stuff behind the scenes. Gameplay changes were minimal.

Client/Server Update: Feb 2, 2014 (server release 34, client release 11)

View the Release 34 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

Client/Server Update: Dec 23, 2013 (server release 33, client release 10)

View the Release 33 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

Client/Server Update: Nov 24, 2013 (server release 32, client release 9)

View the Release 32 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

Announcement: Oct 27, 2013

Since October 26, and investigating further today, I became aware of the existence of the following websites:

None of these sites or pages have been created by me, nor have I endorsed their creation. I am not responsible for any statements, content, or implications that may appear on those sites.

Quotes and information on the above sites have been used without permission, and may have been falsified with edits or addendum not written or stated by myself. FreeRun Studios has not been provided any registration keys for distribution.

Neither the Planet Forever name, nor myself (Grethnefar, sole programmer of the unofficial fan server) are affiliated with FreeRun Studios.

This server has always been a hobby for me. I pay money out of my own pocket for the domain and rented server (as cheap and faulty as it may be at times). I have never accepted money or donations for this project, run web advertisements, or monetized my Youtube channel. It was never intended to compete with the original game.

I have never advertised this site outside the Terra Eternus fan forums. Players who found this site either heard from friends, read posts or comments left by other people, or from internet searches.

Server Update: Sep 23, 2013 (server release 31)

View the Release 31 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

Here's a brief overview of the more important changes. It is recommended to read the upgrade notes for more details.

Unexplained Downtime: Aug 16, 2013

The server was offline for almost the entire day today, for unknown reasons, some kind of weird hosting troubles. It's finally back online.

Server Update: July 31, 2013 (server release 30c)

Quick fix to a few quest issues:

Server Update: July 26, 2013 (server release 30b)

A few bug fixes and debug logging to address recent lag spikes.

Server Update: July 15, 2013 (server release 30)

This marks the one-year anniversary of the server's public launch. It's been quite a year.

View the Release 30 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

Here's a brief overview of the more important changes:

Server Update: May 20, 2013 (server release 29e)

Primarily updated to attempt a fix for a rather problematic bug with HTTP file distribution that recently became an issue.

Client Update: May 14, 2013 (release 8c)

Small update to finish implementing the account character limit.

Server Update: May 13, 2013 (server release 29d)

Quick update to prepare for some organized parties.

Server Update: May 11, 2013 (server release 29c)

Fixed two important bugs in the new ability system:

Server Update: May 5, 2013 (server release 29b)

Updated a few things after a crash.

Client Update: Apr 30, 2013 (client release 8b)

Fixed a bug with the rez screen. If new players with zero coin died, they would never be able to rez themselves since all options (including the zero cost option), would be grayed out.

Client/Server Update: Apr 29, 2013 (server release 29, client release 8)

View the Release 29 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

Server migration: Apr 2, 2013

Over the past few months, there have been severe, recurrent spikes of extremely high lag.

The hosting service has migrated the VPS unit.

Client/Server Update: Mar 25, 2013 (server release 28, client release 7)

View the Release 28 Upgrade Notes for a comprehensive list of changes and fixes.

This main theme of this update was to increase server performance and fix bugs.

Hosting troubles: Mar 20, 2013

According to the hosting service statistics, there was another hiccup around 3:00am PST. No crash, just looks like it reset itself. Since it had restarted itself, the game server wasn't running and I didn't notice until the following day when I was able to check the logs and start it back up.

Here's a link to the memory graph that shows when, and how long the service was down for each period (Pacific Standard Time).

Hosting troubles: Mar 19, 2013

The host's data center suffered a power outage and some hardware complications. Countless websites and services were offline for several hours, including this.

Now that the website is back online, the game server has been rebooted.

There will be a performance update coming soon, in an effort to alleviate some of the lag spikes that have plagued the server over the past few months. Some data lookups will be more efficient, memory use will be reduced, and hopefully greater resilience to odd network issues.

Server Update: Mar 4, 2013 (release 27c)

Quick update:

Server Update: Mar 3, 2013 (release 27b)

Quick update:

Server Update: Mar 2, 2013 (release 27)

View the Release 27 Upgrade Notes for more fixes and details on changes.

Server Update: Jan 15, 2013 (release 26)

View the Release 26 Upgrade Notes which contains an explanation of Noncombat Status.

The main upgrade notes are:

Client/Server Update: Dec 22, 2012 (server release 25, client release 6)

View the Release 25 Upgrade Notes with more detailed notes on changes, plus notes on new features and how to use them.

Earlier this month I also produced an overworld map, superimposing the minimap tiles over a real map of Europe. Check it out here.

The main upgrade notes are:

Client Update: Nov 25, 2012 (release 5)

Primarily updated to make chat sounds optional (a mistake in the previous update), but includes some other features as well.

Client/Server Update: Nov 23, 2012 (release 24)

View the Release 24 Upgrade Notes with details divided into categories, plus some written commentary about this update and missed features.

Client Update (Release 4)
Server Update (Release 24)
[*] These changes were already effective in certain mini updates.
Client/Server Update: Oct 28, 2012 (release 23)

View the Release 23 Upgrade Notes for more detailed information on some of these additions.

Client Update (Release 3)
Server Update (Release 23)
Server Update: Oct 7, 2012 (crash fix)
Client/Server Update: Oct 5, 2012 (release 22)

There are many added features with new commands and shortcuts.

View the Release 22 Upgrade Notes for more detailed information on how to use these new features.

Client Update (Release 2)

Server Update (Release 22)
Server Update: Sep 20, 2012 (crash fix)
Server Update: Sep 19, 2012 (important data recovery)
Server Update: Sep 18, 2012 (important bug fixes, bonus content update)
Server Update: Sep 17, 2012 (release 21)

The main upgrade notes are:

Server Update: Sep 9, 2012 (release 20)

The main upgrade notes are:

See the Development Log for more detailed update progress.
Creating an account:

Registration is presently closed.

A registration key is required. A download link will be provided with your request.

Once you have a key, you may create an account here: account creation page.

Stuff you should know before creating an account:

The server is undergoing constant development. Although most of the game has been restored, this is still considered a beta product. There may be crashes, instability, and lag. In extremely rare cases there may even be data loss. Contact me and I may be able to restore broken characters or accounts from backup files.

This server won't be around forever. I don't know how long I'll be able to maintain the project. This may be your last chance to enjoy Earth Eternal.

The website may be unavailable if the server is offline or has crashed.

Other things to consider:

Communicating with other players:

The chat system is slightly different in this version.

/say Local chat. If the minimap is fully zoomed out, the effective range is over a third of the radius (75 meters).
/region Chat with all players on the server, no matter what instance they're in. Region chat is logged.
/tell "Character Name" Send a private message.

All accounts are given one starting grove. More can be added by request.

All characters on your account may build in your grove. Other players cannot.

To warp to your grove, enter /grove into the chat box. You will see a list of groves that belong to you. You can select one and warp to it. You must be near a sanctuary to warp.

Once inside a grove, typing /grove again will provide an additional option EXIT GROVE to return to your last sanctuary point.

Warping is freely permitted inside groves. You may warp to other players and instances, as long as the target is another grove. See the Reference Index for information on warp commands.

You may enter the Sparkplay Player Museum by using /warpi museum