January 15, 2013

Version 26 Update Notes

This update mostly contains minor fixes and improvements to existing stuff.

General Server Changes
- Winter Dawning removed.
- Added Noncombat Status on login or zone changes. (see below)
- Autoattacks may be initiated while outside of range.
- Reduced spam of combat error messages.
- Fixed an exploit where 2-handed weapons could still be equipped with offhand items.
- Fixed bonus ability points not being tallied.
- Fixed environment day/night cycling timers.
- Fixed environment notification on login or zone change.
- Fixed abilities that target the party to include the caster (like Exodus).
- Fixed /pose not working correctly.
- Fixed mob movement across path nodes too far part.
- Changing friend status now notifies yourself.
- Fixed the friend list to update correctly when players log out.
- Added maximum aggro distance to Rotted Maze to reduce aggro through walls.
- Fixed some spawns in Down Below.
- Miscellaneous SpawnPoint and scenery adjustments in Earthrise and elsewhere.
- Groves can be assigned player filter lists (experimental).

Noncombat Status
This status is granted to players who are logging in, entering or leaving instances. It is a protective mechanism to help prevent deaths when logging in. It's most helpful when logging in after a disconnect or crash. Players are allowed to use Mouse Look (hold the left mouse button) to examine their surroundings before taking action.

While the status is active:
- Will not be attacked by mobs.
- Health, Might, and Will won't regenerate.

The status will be removed immediately if the player:
- Moves or rotates.
- Targets anything.
- Uses an ability.
- Interacts with an object.
- Gains experience (from a party).