Dec 23, 2013

Version 33 Update Notes

General Notes

- Winter Dawning returns. If level 15 or higher, see Taiga Wolf in Camelot for the gift.
- Scaled dungeons added. See below.
- Reduced cost of highest tier resurrect options.
- Drop rate of dungeon tokens increased from 1 in 9 to 1 in 5.
- Heroic or higher mobs now provide a small heroism bonus.
- Heroism can be gained by completing quests of appropriate level.
- Legendary items return, but are now only dropped within dungeons from level 45+ mobs.
- Weapon damage of new legendary items reduced from 25% improvement over epics to 15%.
- New command: /morestats
- Fixed loot chest appearances to prioritize weapons and armor over crafting plans.
- Chat channel colors can now be customized within the client.
- Private chat channel names now have a length limit.
- Private channel text is colored turquoise by default.
- The last used private chat channel is now auto-joined on log in.
- Trade chat now works. Uses region permission.
- Fixed a bug where the "currently trading" status would stick and prevent players from using items.
- Health potion cooldown increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds for technical reasons.

Server Capability Improvements

- Grove zone data now supports build permissions.
- Randomized item drop rates for instances and overworld zones can be independently configured.
- Resurrect costs can now be customized in a table file.
- Quests can now be assigned for long-term repeats, suitable for annual event quests.

Winter Dawning Taiga Wolf can only be found in Camelot.

The standard Winter Dawning quests are available in Camelot, Bremen, and Heartwood (free experience and themed item).

Chillkin drop snowballs and materials for a Chillkin pet using advanced crafting.

Chill Lords have a 100% chance to drop a single piece from the credit shop event set. There are 6 armor pieces in the full set.


Quests now give some heroism for completion. Gather quests and BBs typically give around 3 points of luck. Standard kill quests give 5. Dungeon quests or objectives for certain epic bosses give 7. Talk quests give none. These trends don't apply to all quests, but most of them.

Players receive full luck until they are 3 levels above the suggested level. Every further level above receives a -2 luck penalty until none is received.

Scaled Dungeons

/dng panel

Access the panel by typing /dng

Or hit Esc for the options menu, go to Mod Settings, Other Options tab, and click the button.

Scaled dungeons serve as end-game content and can offer greater challenge and higher loot drop rates for players who find existing dungeons too easy, or who want to make the most out of a party run.

You may select a dungeon profile which adds modifiers to mobs, like extra levels, increased stats, health, and drop rates. Mobs gain roughly 7% additional base stats, damage, and armor exponentially per level (as derived from statistical trends of mobs). Dungeon profiles may boost their stats even further.

Once a profile is chosen, any instance created in your name (solo or party leader) will be scaled up. Even if you select a new profile, you will need to wait 15 minute for a previous dungeon to reset, or you may need to transfer party leadership to someone else and let them create the dungeon.

You will receive a warning notification if you are about to create a new scaled dungeon, or enter an existing one. You will see this message when you click on a portal, but before you're teleported inside.

The warning message that displays in chat.

Although mobs may be scaled above level 50, the item level of resulting equipment will be capped. Loot from most mobs are capped at item level 50. Named mobs may drop equipment up to level 55.


/morestats panel

This command opens a panel detailing your current tally of most character stats not visible in the character selection screen. This includes elemental armor ratings, critical chance, block/parry/dodge rate, etc. Note that these do not necessarily reflect your precise combat abilities. For example, even if an item adds block rate, you cannot block unless you have a shield equipped, and if your class has the passive ability required to block.

Chat Channel Colors

/chatcolor panel

Access the panel by typing /chatcolor
Or hit Esc for the options menu, go to Mod Settings, Chat Panel tab, then under Chat Box Color click the Text Colors button.

Double click a channel to edit it, select a color, then click Apply Color. The chat box will not refresh until a chat message is displayed, or you scroll through the history. If you like it, save the changes and they will be restored when you next log in. They are stored in a cookies file within the client's cache folder.

Common channels are:
s - say
t/ - tell
rc/ - region
ch/ - private channel

Health Potion Cooldown

There's an unfortunate client bug where repeatedly spamming potions can temporarily freeze up the client from sending further item use requests.

This is most commonly triggered by attempting to use potions while stunned, although combat animations and lag may contribute as well.

The cooldown was increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds in the hopes that it would be enough to help reduce incidents of button mashing that would otherwise cause the freeze.