December 22, 2012

Version 25 Update Notes

Before I get to the update info, here's two things I've released earlier this month.

Around the beginning of December, I began work on a new side project that took about a week to finish. All the terrain images tiles used for the minimap were compiled and superimposed over a real map of Europe. It doesn't contain any scenery, but it's a great view to see how much land the map actually covers.

Information about the project, notes, and points of interest are here.

The map image itself can be opened here.

A week ago I produced a video for fun, when I demonstrated what happens when the theoretical maximum bonus for increased attack speed (+99.9%) is achieved.
And for the real news:

Client and Server Update

- Some Winter Dawning content. Very important: if you are level 15 or above, check out Camelot for a special gift.
- Pets.
- Emote Browser and new emote commands.
- Day/night cycles.
- Camelot market updated to reflect an older style.
- Spawn tiles are no longer reset when leaving the area (affects bosses with long spawn timers).
- Players logging in on slow connections should no longer be kicked to inactivity during the lobby stage.
- Reduced the attack range and movement speed of low level mobs to make them easier for new players to fight or escape from.
- Fixed the randomizer tables for weapons to prevent zero damage.

Ability Changes
- Fatal Crescent no longer gives charges for every mob hit.
- Henge portal abilities can now be self casted without selecting yourself.
- Increased Attack Speed for autoattacks in now capped to 75%.

Scenery/Spawn/Quest Changes
- Miscellaneous scenery fixes to Corsica/Earthrise, Anglorum, and Heartwood Tower.
- Added a missing spawn to the Cracked Rock skrill Hives
- Added two missing named mobs to a randomized point outside the Pridelord Chamber.
- Fixed the Deadwood 'Wicked Brew' quest to remove some improper kill triggers.
- Added a missing spawn at the Bileforge in Deadwood.
- Respawn times of overworld bosses reduced.

Winter Dawning

Each of the three major towns has the basic quest for a free holiday-themed weapon and extras from redeemed Corn Cob Pipes. Chillkin and Chill Lord also spawn around these cities.

Each Chillkin drops 2-3 snowballs, and has a 25% chance to drop a Corn Cob Pipe for its associated chest.

The Grindle quest line is not available. The item rewards (four chest armor plans) are dropped by Chill Lords, with a 100% chance for one of them.

Important: if you are level 15 or above, check out Camelot for a special gift available from a new quest. Speak to Taiga Wolf to find how to obtain the Winter Dawning Gift Box. Double clicking the box in your inventory will grant you 400 credits (can only be spent on vault space, worth 2 rows) and 10 additional ability points.


Pet Browser

I was unable to develop a custom clickable vendor, so pets are obtainable by typing /pet into the chat box. This will open the Pet Browser panel. Here, you browse through a list of 94 pets. Most designs were contributed by other players.

Clicking Preview will spawn a temporary pet at your location, allowing you to preview its appearance. These previews cannot be seen by other players, and will disappear after about 30 seconds.

Clicking Purchase will deduct the purchase amount and place an item into your inventory. Open your backpack inventory and double click the item to summon the pet. If a pet is already spawned, it will be removed. These items persist and may be reused indefinitely.

You may purchase multiple pets, but you can only have one active at a time.

Pets are strictly cosmetic. They cannot attack or be attacked.


Emote Browser

The /pose command has been revised.

Typing the command by itself will open the Emote Browser panel.

The first dropdown list contains all emotes that are available to you. The second list contains all emotes of your pet, if you have one. Since different creatures have different emotes, select a pet and click Refresh if necessary.

You may adjust the playback speed and enable looping if necessary. Clicking Default will reset the playback speed and uncheck the loop box.

There are two rows of buttons to control the emotes, for your player (avatar) and pet.
Emote - perform the emote. Note that some pet animations (typically attack or death animations) produce sounds. Please do not loop these as repetitive sounds may be disruptive to other players.
Stop - stop an emote in progress and return to idle. Useful if you have them set to looping, or need to interrupt a slow animation.
Copy - copy the emote text to clipboard. Useful if you want to paste it into the chat box or a macro.
Scatter - your pet will move to a random location around you.

You may also type the pose command directly, or perform it as a macro.
/pose emote [speed] [loop]

Examples: /pose Wave     (alias for /emote)
/pose Wave 2     (play at double speed)
/pose Wave 1 1     (play at single speed, looped)

To send the emote to your pet, use /pose2 instead of /pose.
Note: playback speed is ignored or has a different effect on many creature animations.

There was much fun with emotes, even attempted synchronized dancing, with our pets involved too. We spent far too long doing this. It was so stupid but we couldn't stop. Dancing!