November 23, 2012

Version 24 Update Notes

Client Update

- Supercrits now shake the screen.
- There will be a "page turn" sound effect on new incoming chat messages. This was a feature I was experimenting with but forgot to disable for the update. Ideally it's supposed to be an optional sound effect, but right now it isn't.
- Added response messages to help the server determine if the client has crashed or lost internet connection.

In-Game Forum
- Broken [item] tags should no longer prevent posts from displaying.
- Widened the thread and post view panes slightly.
- The closing [/color] tag now works properly.
- Added a [copy] tag hide long strings of text and instead copy to clipboard if clicked.

Item Preview
- Added a Nudify button to remove all equipped items from the preview.

Character Modifications
- Custom ear/tail sizes can now be set for individual characters, although it will still affect all players and NPCs of that race.
/earsize scale or /earsize x y z
/tailsize scale or /tailsize x y z
/savesize - Saves your body customization.
/removesize - Removes your body customization. Relog to fully reset.

Server Update

General Fixes
- Improved load time when players log into accounts, reducing much lag during login.
- Fixed heroism gain to include mobs 1 level below the player.
- Moving or rotating should no longer glitch your position when using portals or warps.
- Partial fix to randomly broken animations while casting or channeling.
- Fixed a bug with players being granted 120% speed when changing instances.
- Mobs on patrol should no longer snap back to their spawn point if they exceed their tether range.

Generated Items
- Fixed a bug preventing items from spawning on creatures without a normal drop package.
- Increased the spawn values for Specialization and Regeneration item mods.
- Increased chance of bonus mods on Uncommon and Rare equipment.
- Fixed/removed some broken appearance templates.

Item Management
- Fixed a bug where moving stacked items into the same slot would erase them.
- Added a better security check when using the /refashion command. Please remember this is an experimental feature designed for weapons. Use the ordinary refashioner for armor whenever possible.
- You will receive a warning if attempting to offer items for trade before the other player accepts the request. Remove the item from trade and offer it again after the player joins the trade.
- Implemented vault expansion (note: credits can not be purchased yet).

Instance Changes
- Removed Seafood from the Southend Passage.
- Fixed Earthend to prevent sequence-breaking the quest objectives. The later bosses will be respawned if you kill them before other targets are defeated.
- Fixed spawn issues with Stumpslayer Pyreguards in Deadwood.

Ability Fixes
- Fixed Walk in Shadows and Invisibility to use the correct distance if the base stat is too low. The timer is also reset if recasted while the effect is active.
- Henge portal abilities can now be casted on other players. They will receive confirmation to accept.

Older Fixes
Added in various minor updates over the past month.

- Fixed a bug in the In-Game Forum that was erasing data pages.
- Fixed an exploit where items could be equipped of any level and class.
- Fixed a crash when reflected damage killed targets.
- Fixed an exploit where players could enter groves while dead.
- Using unstick now gives a partial stat penalty (2 minutes) to discourage use.

Other Notes

I originally planned to have some new features with this update. The first half of the month I didn't accomplish much. I didn't put much time into development, and entries in the Dev Log are sparse. Mostly I was just lazy after the severe problems with the last update. It didn't help that some of the features I wanted to implement required bigger changes and more planning than I anticipated.

Shared Vaults - There were too many technical details to sort this out. Although it was working to some extent, there were too many potential chances where something could go wrong, causing mismatched or lost data.

Credit Exchange - I haven't worked out a proper formula for gold exchange rates and scaling for continued purchases.

Scaled Dungeons - The concept works, and I have a prototype scale mechanism in place, but the code for instance placement and spawning is absolutely horrible and needs to be refactored into something better.

Pets - This was a low priority even for this update, and easily got swept aside by more important things. I'm also still trying to decide the best way to offer them to players, through a vendor or a custom UI shop screen.

Of the above, credit exchange and scaled dungeons remain my highest priority, followed next by pets. Shared vaults are abandoned until further notice.