March 2, 2013

Version 27 Update Notes

Bug Fixes
-Fixed mob movement that made it difficult or impossible to outrun them.
-Fixed a tracking issue with mob attacks that could cause them to drop their target.
-Mobs should now return back to their original position if they kill a player.
-Mobs should now properly honor their wander radius again.
-IGF posts that run over 2000 characters are no longer accepted, and will return an error message.
-Fixed a slight memory leak when unloading instances.
-Fixed a potential crash when unloading NPCs and pets from instances.
-Fixed quest-giver, shopkeeper, and prop-based NPCs from acquiring targets. This could prevent players from interacting with them.

New Features
-A new command /partyinvite "Character Name", to invite players no matter where they are.
-Keystone Sanctuaries (See below).
-Added extra warnings when using the /refashion command.
-Using /clan to for friendlist chat now requires mutual friendship for them to see it.
-Expanded the instance scripting to allow slightly more advanced functions necessary for recurring overworld stepup spawns.

Restored Content
-Crafting plans now drop from most bosses and named mobs.
-Added missing vendor shops in Europe, as well as the Camelot master crafting plan shop.
-Added Wither-Root's essence drop and boss chest to the Rotted Nursery.
-Henge travel now costs silver to use, costing more for higher level areas.

Miscellaneous Changes
-Rebalanced the rolled amounts for Regenerative items back near their initial values.
-Generic static spawns (like the new sanctuaries) now properly acquire their default effects from their base definitions.
-The /warp command now accepts coordinates in "x,y,z" format.
-Improved logging of refashioned items.

Fixed Spawns
-Added Commander Wylle (The Down Below).
-Added stepups: Stallonus and Ritt (Goliath Ruins), Spynch (Spibear Lair) , and Fleym (Underhenge) .
-Fixed stepup: Sage Marlon Wilber (Wilhelm's Crypt).
-Added stepups to Anglorum overworld: Water-wraith, Living Stone, Spineback Burrowr, and Bouldergeist.
-Added stepups to Europe: Pawl, Babe the Blue.

Spawn Time Changes
Increased the spawn delays from 2.5 to 5 minutes in the following areas:
Nearly all of Corsica/Earthrise.
Anglorum: Thornbringers (Stonehenge and Zombies near Wilhelm's Crypt), River Runners, Hand of Zaraster, Overwatch Keep, Knights of Avalon, Faerie-Sworn, Nottingham Deputy.
Midlands: Shroomie camps, Stonelions.
Badari: Brewery Warpigs, Von Gruber Manor, Dominion Outrider, Dar Kulgac, Misty Ruins.
Deadwood: Rotted Mushroom and Tree camps, Cultists, Stump Slayers.
Cracked Rock: Stonelions, Carrionites.
Dustshore: Stonelions, Carrionites, Anubians, Dig Site.
Swineland (not open): Vampires, Skrill, Ice Goliath.
Grunes (not open): Culler, Sturgeons, Folkirk, Alpenholm, Shadow City, Skrill, Warpigs.

Keystone Sanctuaries
These sanctuaries are enhanced with capabilities to act like henges. You may bind to them, discover them, and port to other henges. In the spirit of henges, they are somewhat removed from existing towns (one exception) so as to prevent direct travel. There is no visible effect to distinguish them from afar, but if you hover over the ankh you should see a paw icon. If you are unable to click on it to access the henge, you may need to relog.

Four existing sanctuaries are converted, one in each of the following regions: Midlands, Dustshore, Cracked Rock, and Deadwood.

The one in Midlands can be found in a town. Dustshore is near a road. The others are in wilderness areas.

Note that henges also cost silver to use, particularly to access higher level areas.