Mar 25, 2014

Version 35 Update Notes

This update doesn't have many gameplay changes, just some minor fixes. Most of the work was improving grove permissions and other server operation behind the scenes.
General Notes
- Increased drop rate of elite mobs, now similar to named mobs.
- Henges now have a periodic glow effect.
- Changing the environment in a grove now broadcasts to all players.
- Added missing quest heroism rewards for some recently added quests.
- Level difference no longer reduces damage against higher level players in PvP.
- Reinstated proper location bounds checking for grove owners.
- Groves no longer allow props in negative coordinates, which could cause eternal load screens. Existing props have not been changed, so you may have props stuck out of bounds. You may need to request admin help to remove them.
- Fixed a bug when lower tier buffs could not be re-casted even if the higher tier buff was canceled. (Was fixed a while ago, but probably never appeared in the notes.)
- Changed the effective radius of mobs considered to be active. May reduce moonwalking slightly.
- Grove permissions have been changed. If you previously shared a grove, you may need to request permission again.
Improved Server Operation
- Revised player movement code.
- Fixed a bug where zones were not being unloaded, requiring server restarts for manual edits.
- Revised zone edit permissions to allow specific accounts as well as characters.
- Fixed administrative error reporting for a few things.
- Fixed a bug in the condition chain of advanced crafting.
- Revised character name lookups to be more efficient.
- Revised quest lookups to be more efficient.
- Revised the admin panels for better instance data.
- Deleted some obsolete/unused code from several files.