Sept 23, 2013

Version 31 Update Notes

I haven't been working on the server much since the past update. Since interest is winding down (both for myself and players), I'm not sure how much more development will be accomplished.
General Notes

- Removed the anniversary event.
- Added refashionable sets as designed and chosen by the community, available from Taiga Wolf in Camelot.
- Added new high level quests, contributed by Liska. Details below.
- Removed cooldown from healing potions, and reduced purchase cost of higher tiers.
- Added several new potion types. Details below.
- Added a new feature: Elite Mobs. Details below.
- Dexterity, Spirit, and Psyche contribute defensive effects to all characters. Details below.
- Added named equipment drops from certain named mobs and bosses in Earthrise.
- Removed weapon plans from Earthrise mobs since materials and crafting merchants are not available until Anglorum.
- Reduced cost of higher tier crafting molds by about 75%.
- Drop rates of rare crafting materials from bosses have been improved. Now a guaranteed find on kill. Rare materials from the Dire Murk are also increased due to low spawn densities.
- Fixed the Summon Chamber instance, quest summons should now work correctly.
- All shields (including randomized) now display on character's backs.
- New PvP arena: Redemption (contributed by Emerald). Use /pvp while standing near a sanctuary to warp there.
- Updated in-progress development on Grunes and Swineland from contributions so far.

Refashionable Sets

Some time ago, players began an unofficial event to design their own armor sets for fashion purposes. Most contributors designed several sets. By player vote, one from each has been chosen. Each of these sets is available from Taiga Wolf in Camelot.

Each individual item has no stats, but may be used to refashion existing equipment into a complete set.

Here are the chosen sets. If you are interested in purchasing any, you are encouraged to preview them first. Screenshots are provided here, but note that weapons are not included with the sets.

Wanderlust (by Heroic Bunny) Screenshot
Rock Ewe (by Spectre Husky) Screenshot (Mohawk not included)
Ghost Rogue (by Gnash Rambler) Screenshot
Embersneak (by Emerald Icemoon) Screenshot
Emerald Mage (by Vixen Turen) Screenshot
Toxic Rogue (by Hauss Pray) Screenshot

New Quests

The following quests were written and directed by Liska, with item reward data contributed by Gnash and Emerald.

- The Trailblazers (Level 34, Heartwood)
- Lords of the Rot (Level 40, Green Line Thicket)
- Wither-Root (Level 40, Green Line Thicket)
- Travel To Ironstone Watch (Level 47, Camelot)
- The Ironstone Quarry (Level 47, Ironstone)
- The Frostbound Djinn (Level 49, Ironstone)
- Grimfrost's Lair (Level 49, Ironstone)

New and Revised Potions

The long cooldown from healing potions has been removed (now 2 second default). Vendor prices for higher tiers have been greatly reduced, so they are much more affordable now.

Added several new potion types, available from General and Reagent vendors across Anglorum and Europe. Each provides a buff for 3 minutes. Most are intended to provide buffs for more difficult encounters. Continued use will require an investment of several gold.

- Speed Potion: +10% speed.
- Greater Speed Potion: +20% speed (does not stack with regular).
- Energy Drink: +20% to Might and Will regeneration speed.
- Agility Potion: +5% to Block, Parry, and Dodge chances.
- Constitution Potion: Increases constitution. Amount varies based on potion level.
- Armor Boost Potion: Increases physical and elemental armor ratings. Amount varies based on potion level.

Elite Mobs

Beginning at level 15, you may encounter these mobs scattered throughout the overworld. When a mob spawns, there is a chance it is upgraded to Elite type with increased combat attributes. Attributes may be extended further by specific affixes that are chosen at random.

Elites are easy to spot at a distance. They are neutral (yellow name) and won't aggro unless attacked. Their name will begin with "Elite" and their sub-text will indicate which affixes they have spawned with, if any.

Be careful when encountering new elites and affixes for the first time. Some affix combinations may be very difficult to defeat. Bring potions, and be ready to run if necessary. Just beware of the Fast affix.

For balance reasons, only non-named, non-boss mobs will spawn as Elite. This is to prevent them from interfering with quest objectives if one should be too difficult.

Random affixes provide many unique combat bonuses not seen on normal mobs. Higher level mobs have stronger bonuses, and may spawn with multiple affixes.

Defeating an Elite mob will yield increased experience and drop rates, roughly proportional to its modified combat strength.

Note: All properties are constantly being revised for balance of difficulty and experience.

- Fast: Increased movement speed.
- Deadly: Increased chance of critical strikes.
- Armored: Increased physical armor.
- Resistant: Increased elemental armor.
- Regen: Increased hitpoint regeneration every 2 seconds.
- Tank: Percentage boost to constitution (thus more hitpoints).
- Strong: Percentage boost to weapon damage.
- Reflect: A flat damage amount is reduced from each attack, and dealt back to you.
- Swift: Increased autoattack and magic casting speed.

Here is what an elite may look like in game:

Elite mob.

Passive Stat Effects

Prior to this update, only Strength (autoattack damage) and Constitution (hitpoints) provided bonuses to all classes. Dexterity, Spirit, and Psyche had zero effect to classes whose abilities did not rely on those attributes for damage.

Now, they at least provide a small bonus to help you survive:

Dexterity: Increases chance to block and parry, 1% per 30 pts, but only if the character class has passive skills to utilize those effects. Increases dodge chance by a very small amount, 1% per 90 pts. Only physical attacks are subject to these chances. These bonuses do not presently apply to mobs, since it could interfere with skills (should an execute be dodged?).
Spirit: Percentage resistance to druid magic (Mystic and Death), 1% per 30 pts.
Psyche: Percentage resistance to mage magic (Fire and Frost), 1% per 30 pts.

Point values and formula are subject to change in future updates. Fractional amounts are calculated accordingly, no need for an exact multiple of points.