Nov 24, 2013

Version 32 Update Notes

Development was slow over the past two months. Some time was spent working on a new stat randomizer system for items, but it wasn't turning out as expected and put on hold. Then started working on a new crafting system, which I also put on hold because of the complexity of what I wanted it to do, but eventually got it working with simpler goals. And of course, much time doing nothing.
General Notes

- Added advanced crafting.
- Added Harvest Fest content.
- Fixed the /itemlinks command.
- Added the /savechat command.
- Character slot limit increased from 5 to 6.
- Fixed an IGF bug where post edits weren't triggering thread autosaves.
- Double clicking Prop Search or Stash entries now updates the build tool asset.
- Added a new contributed PvP arena, The Cavern.
- Fixed a bad script in the Rotted Tree that spawning Hedorah multiple times.
- Added support for the level 30 Protection abilities. Removes one effect per cast.
- Implemented some contributed appearance for Grunes mobs.
- Added wander radius for a few mobs in northern Deadwood.
- Added scenery audit logs for certain zones to assist with potential dev work.
- Consumable items with warmup times now work properly (for advanced crafting).
- New health potions available from crafting have reduced cooldown (2 seconds) to match other common potions. - Certain URLs are now fetched by the server instead of hardcoded, for future portability.
- Simplified the server code in a few areas, and removed some obsolete stuff.

Advanced Crafting

Advanced crafting has a few different uses:

- Disassemble items into predetermined crafting materials, if you need extra for weapon or armor plans.
- Upgrade or craft specific potions that are more powerful than those available from vendors, or cheaper if you happen to have the materials.
- Craft other consumable items like scrolls that cast certain abilities when used.
- Some event-specific recipes may also be available.

Access the crafting panel by using the /craft command.

Instructions and the current list of recipes can be found here: Advanced Crafting Reference

The in-game panel has a button that opens the same link.

Advanced crafting panel

Harvest Fest

Decorations have been restored from the SPM audit logs.

The free quest and associated item reward is available from each of the three main cities (Camelot, Bremen, Heartwood).

Hunt nearby turkatrice for tokens (25% chance) that can be redeemed at the Harvest Table to obtain the rest of the items offered by the quest.
Turkatrice Kings have a 50% chance to drop the Harvest Hat credit shop item.
Turkatrice also have a 33% chance to drop parts that may be crafted into a turkatrice pet. See Advanced Crafting.

Revised /itemlinks

The /itemlinks command batch formats the contents of your inventory into a series of [item] tags. The result is copied to clipboard, and can then be posted in the In-Game Forum.

The returned list is now properly sorted by slot ID. The resulting tags now include refashion data, if applicable. The command otherwise remains the same:
/itemlinks Shows you a list of containers. Not all do anything.
/itemlinks inv Copy your inventory items.
/itemlinks inv 1 Extra label info like quality and level.


This new command copies the contents of your chat tabs to clipboard as HTML formatting. You can then paste into a text editor and save as an .html file to view it in a browser. The reason for HTML is because some chat messages are stored in the client with mock HTML formatting instead of plain text. It also allows the output to be properly formatted as it appears in game.

The command has two forms:
/savechat Saves all tabs.
/savechat "tab name" Saves a single tab by name.