Jul 15, 2013

Version 30 Update Notes

One year anniversary of the server's public launch.
General Notes

- Anniversary event rewards are available in Camelot near the Druid hall (requires level 15 and 25).
- Altered stats of most mobs to match their correct values from EER. See notes below.
- Binding to sanctuaries now gives a visual message.
- Hovering the mouse over the Portal: Bind skill shows the exact sanctuary you are bound to (must re-bind to update).
- Basic PvP added. Type /pvp to enter the arena. See notes below. - Added new pets. Type /pet and scroll to the bottom.
- Dungeon mobs have shorter leash range.
- Added Rogue offhand damage to base weapon damage of skills.
- Druid and Rogue armor multipliers switched back to 3x and 2x, respectively.
- Reduced master crafting plan cost by 80%.
- Greatly reduced cost of the 10% heroism loss revive option (Resurrect).
- Slightly reduced cost of the no-heroism loss option (Rebirth).
- Shields now appear properly on character's backs (oops, next restart).
- Fixed a bug (maybe) where AoEs weren't targeting correctly.
- Default vault space is now 2 rows. Due to a data oversight, everyone technically has a free expansion (therefore 3 rows starting space). It's not a bug, it's a feature.
- Added the command /esay Emote "Speech blah blah". Performs an emote and says a message. The message must be wrapped in quotes.
- Added a /roll command by request. Provides simulated "drop rolls" and sends the results to all players in the party. Honor system applies for actual pickup.


- Legendary and Artifact items no longer drop.
- Increased minimum drop level of randomized epic items to 25.
- Randomized epics now have a more even stat distribution.
- Expanded drops of crafting materials to similar mob types that did not have drops applied.
- Greysun drop rate increased from 1% to 2%.
- Drop rates of Heroic, Epic, and Legendary mobs scale with their health multipliers (randomized items only).
- Drop rates of named mobs are doubled (randomized items only).
- Increased drop rate of low/mid tier crafting materials.
- Added rare crafting materials (vendor sell price reduced).
- Greymist Gloves should no longer bind on pickup.

Quests / Rewards

- Changed how quest rewards are given, allowing multiple rewards (was a required change for the event).
- Fixed a severe exploit that could allow redeeming of quests from any location, at any time.
- Restored the Quarter Note Quill quest available from Chanticleer in Bremen.
- Increased spawn time of the Hammer in Mushroom Isle.
- Increased spawn time of Ragi's Journal, Keg of Braga Brew, and Hermi's Dearest Darling in Corsica.
- Greysun chest items now have appropriate level requirements.
- Added quest location marker for Spikedshroom Toad Hide.
- Changed quest markers for Bounty: Vile Deathspinner and Donk.
- Added quest-giver markers for Mushroom Isle, Road To Earthend, and the two quests from Ulton Klinon (Down Below).


- Added a heroic shadow named mob that was supposed to spawn in Great Forest, multi-spawns among 3 points.
- Symbuh Rafki is now properly set as a multi-spawn among 2 points.

Skill Changes

For exact changes for this update, or to see all skill changes from the original game, see Ability Changes.

Here's a brief overview:

- Pierce: now has separate cooldown category, cooldown increased to 6 seconds.
- Incinerate: reduced damage.
- Coldsnap: increased damage, no cooldown.
- Reflective Ward: increased duration.
- Gaia's Embrace: increased cooldown.
- Health Potions: reduced cooldown.
- Assault, Bash, Blender, Cripple: equal damage multipliers across tiers. Slight damage increase.
- Assail, Disembowel: equal damage multipliers across tiers. First tier reduced.

Altered Mob Stats

Technical Details:
The stat rip we used previously contained the creature templates. As it turns out, templates don't use the precise stats.

Using specific data gathered from EER, actual stats of creatures have been derived and applied to the server's creature data. Most creatures typically have slightly lower stats, translating to slightly less health or damage. They may also have have stronger or weaker physical armor ratings, and perhaps stronger or weaker resistances to certain elements. Bosses usually have the largest changes to stats, although there are no specific trends. For example, the overworld bosses Kilvath L'vithian and Ni'Lania Vexus have more health, but Thara Vikath does more damage.

Because we use the classic starting zones, only creatures of level 10 or higher have been altered. Also, because I was unable to visit every creature in EER (particularly step-up spawns in dungeons) some others have not been changed.


Use /pvp to enter the arena. Like the /grove command, you must be near a sanctuary. Inside the arena is a portal which will return you to the sanctuary you left from. Alternatively you may type /pvp again and select EXIT PVP from the list.

Combat is purely free-for-all. You may attack or buff players. Parties have no effect on gameplay (except for skills that operate specifically on party members, like Gaia's Embrace).

Although you will receive the normal resurrect screen on death, there is no revive penalty in the arena. After you revive you will be granted temporary invulnerability and a 40% speed boost, both lasting 6 seconds.

Currently only Camelot Arena is provided. It was rebuilt by referencing old Youtube videos.