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Updated for version 30. (Nov 13, 2013)

Development Log

Troubleshooting (If the launcher doesn't work, or the client fails to launch)

In this document:

How To Use Groves (now merged with the build tutorial)
Standard Chat Methods
Private Chat Channel Commands
Unlocked Client Commands
Warp Commands
Advanced Prop Editing Commands
Other Commands
Party Commands

Gameplay Mechanics

Build Tutorial (Grove)
Spawn Tutorial (Grove)
Creature Spawning Tutorial (Temporary)

Miscellaneous reference tables:
Environment List

Terrain Templates

Prop and Scenery lists for builders:
Most of the entries in these files can be copied and pasted into the Asset name box. Some are special case, like ATS.
If a prop is placed but it doesn't show on screen, it may still exist. Use /scenerybrowser to track it down and delete it.

Prop List
CL List
Seeded List
Bldg List
Cav List
Dng List
Lights and Sounds
Other Random Stuff
ATS Options
Area Sound Effects New Prop Reference

New item system. New in version 20.
Cooldown Categories
Ability List
AI Script List
Particle Effect List

Basic Quest Rip (Includes unreleased and alpha quests)
List of Emotes
Dungeon Maps (Saved from the old EE forums)
The Overworld Map (Superimposed over a real map of Europe)

Client Commands

/debug Toggles a small panel showing your world coordinates. Useful for tile or positional references for warping.
/ping Pings the router and server (which are the same machine on this server)
/showcollision Shows collision boundaries for props.
/setfov value Sets your field of view. Set it to 55 to restore default.
Example: /setfov 55
/setAmbientLight value Adjust the light level around your character. Accepts decimal values between -0.99 and 0.99. Useful if dungeons if it's too dark to see.
Example: /setAmbientLight 0.99
/setEnvironment envType Sets your environment type. This adjusts the sky, fog, and possibly some ambient sounds as well. See the Environment List reference for possible names.
Example: /setEnvironment HeartwoodDay
/setTimeOfDay time Set the time of day. Accepts four values: Day, Night, Sunrise, Sunset.
Example: /setTimeOfDay Day
/sceneryBrowser Toggles the scenery browser. Only works in Build mode. Useful for finding and selecting props to edit.
/setFullscreen Sets full screen mode.
Note: You must quit and restart the client to restore window mode. You must also alt-tab out of the game and shut down the game through Task Manager.
Use /setFullscreen true to activate.
/togglePreview Toggles Preview mode on and off. This creates a camera which hovers above terrain and props, conforming to the land below. Use your movement keys and mouse wheel to move and zoom, F and R to set height. B will toggle tile boundaries, which are displayed in red.
/toggleBuilding Toggles Build mode. The Camera works like Preview mode, you can place props. There are two items in the dropdown box, Scenery and Template. Only Scenery is useful. Enter something into the input box, then click Insert. If you get an Invalid Asset message, you used an incorrect prop name. If it works, the cursor in the gameplay area should change to the prop you wish to add. Click on a location to place it. Placed objects can be selected and then manipulated through their edit window or the floating arrows. Use the Delete key to remove selected props.

See Build Tutorial (Grove) for more information.

/tss Opens the Team Slayer score window. A relic of early PvP concepts.
/ctfs Opens the Capture the Flag score window.
/dm Opens the Deathmatch score window.
/macro Opens the macro window. You can create macros, enter a command (exactly as you'd type it in the chat box), click Save, then drag the macro icon to a Quickslot bar to assign it.
/itemAppearance Opens the item browser, viewing all items the client has requested data for. Usually just the stuff you're equipped with.
/iconBrowser Allows you to browse all the visible icons available in the game. Uses a filter, common ones are 32 and 64.
/creatureTweak You'll get a long loading screen at first, but once it finishes you'll be able to edit your character appearance (race, body/face types, size, colors, clothing, and attachable items). Note that custom items will not appear if you have anything equipped on your inventory screen. This includes equipped bags. Admin permission required for editing.
/creatureBrowse Opens the Browse Spawnables window. See the Creature Placement Tutorial for more information.
/do "Ability Name" Casts an ability by its name. The client will enforce cooldowns.
Example: /do "Soul Needles"


Available only within groves, admin permission required elsewhere.

/warp n Quick warp directly north. Distance is 200 units unless otherwise specified. Valid directions are n, s, e, w.
/warp s 1000 Warps south 1000 units. Note that tiles are square, 1920 units wide.
/warp 20000 30000 Warps to an exact coordinate value.
/warp Name

/warp "Firstname Lastname"

Warp to a character name. The target character must be logged in. Names are case sensitive (capital letters must be typed exact) and works on partial name matches. If a character is named "Example", you can use /warp Ex or /warp amp. If a name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotation marks.
Example: /warp Random
Example: /warp "Random Person"
/warpt 10 20 Warp directly to the given tile coordinates. Note that tiles are square, 1920 units wide. /warpt 1 1 and /warp 1920 1920 are functionally equivalent.
/warpi grovename Warps to an grove by name. Groves use a tag name followed by a number. Example: /warpi grove1


/who Displays a list of all the characters logged into the server and their locations.
/grove Display a list of groves as a form of on-demand henge travel. It searches for all groves beginning with the grove tag name that was specified during account creation. You can select a grove from the list to immediately warp there.
/refashion On-demand refashioning. Intended for refashioning weapons (of the same category). Please use the standard refashioners for armor. Be careful when using this command. It operates on the first two slots in your inventory (top left).

The first slot must contain the item with the stats you want to keep.

The second item contains the new look. This item will be erased from your inventory if the refashion is successful. Cost will be deducted automatically.

You will be asked to provide a number to confirm the operation. Example: /refashion 1

Party Commands

/partyquit Forces you to leave or disband your party.

Advanced Prop Editing

/scale PropID Scale Directly edits the scale of a prop along each axis. Use SceneryBrowser to get a prop's ID number.
Example: /scale 1000000 2.5
/scale PropID x y z Directly edits the individual axis scales of a prop. Note: props that have been irregularly scaled can have unpredictable visual glitches, especially if they have been rotated. Sometimes they won't glitch right away, only after future edits like position changes. Use custom scaling at your own risk (frustration).

Bug 1: The most common bug is that props will disappear from your screen, although they still exist both in the client and on the server in their original locations. Use the scenery browser to select them.

Bug 2: In rare cases, the prop may appear elsewhere in the world. Sometimes they can be directly selected for editing. If not, use the scenery browser to select them. Since the location is being misreported by the client, you may need to increase the search distance beyond what you'd expect.

Glitched props can be repaired by setting all axis scales to the same value.

Example: /scale 1000000 1.5 2.0 3.2

Gameplay Mechanics

Some information about how the server internally handles gameplay stuff. These will mostly be custom server features, or content that is emulated with no guaranteed accuracy in regards to the official game.

Auto Attacks

Damage Application:

Damage is calculated in the following order.

Critical Damage:

Critical hits (double damage) are calculated based on the Luck stat.

Standard Chat Methods

Right clicking on the [Region] part of a message in the chat log will automatically place you into /region mode.

Right clicking on the player's name in the chat log will automatically place you into /tell mode with that player.

/say Local chat. Effective range is about 75 meters. If the minimap is fully zoomed out, that covers about a third of the radius.
/region Chat with all players on the server, no matter what instance they're in. All chat here is logged.
/tell "Character Name" Send a private message.
/emote Effect Visibly perform an animation. The effect must be typed with proper capitalization. For an easier way to use emotes, type /pose to open a list of all available emotes.
/esay Effect "Phrase" Works like /emote, but does not change your active channel in the client. "Phrase" is an optional message that will be spoken in /say. The entire phrase must be enclosed in quotation marks if there are multiple words.

Private Chat Channel Commands

/join channelName password Joins a channel, or creates a new one. Passwords are optional when creating channels, but is required to create or join a protected channel.
/leave channelName Leaves the channel. You must leave before joining another channel.
/ch channelName message... Enters a message into the channel. Like /region and /say, once you type a /ch message, you can type subsequent messages without the /ch tag until you change chat modes.