Version 22 Update Notes

A demonstration video is available at the bottom of the page.

Client Update

- Grove Tools: Customize the environment sky template, and set custom starting locations.
- Prop Stash: Allows you to create a favorites list of prop assets for use while building.
- Prop Search: Browse available prop assets by category and filter by name.
- Prop Generator: Add specialized props: lights, randomized collections, and sounds.
- Easy ATS: Select props, select ATS, click to change. Easy.
- Chat Mod: Independently resize the chat box width, height, and font.
- In-Game Forum: An experimental, simple forum where you can create threads, respond to posts, and add links to items.
- Item Preview : Click on special Item Links in the forum to preview item stats and appearances.
- Added hotkeys to open some of the new UI windows.
- Ctrl+W is no longer mapped to wireframe mode.
- Weapon class requirements updated to match version 0.8.8. Mages can equip poles. Druids can equip wands. Rogues can equip bows. Knights and Mages can equip throwing weapons.
- New shorthand commands /tb and /sb for /togglebuilding and /scenerybrowser, respectively.
- Tail and ear resizing (limited use for preview only)

Server Update

- Server side implementation of the forum and grove features.
- Fixed a bug where non-consumable items could be consumed and removed.
- Fixed a bug where Generated item data could be lost after a server restart.
- Fixed item modifiers, Casting Setback and Channel Break Chance should now spawn.
- Removed some incorrect names that could spawn on Generated armor.
- Fixed some spawn issues in the Great Forest rotted camps.

New windows, shortcuts, and details:

Mod Panel
Mod Panel
Shortcut: /mod
A central access point. Opens a list of buttons that can be used to open the other modded features. Shortcuts can be previewed by hovering the mouse over each button.

Grove Tools
Grove Tools
Shortcut: /gt, Ctrl+F5
Contains launcher buttons to open Prop Search, Prop Generator, and Easy ATS.
Set Starting Location: this button will adjust your grove starting location to your current standing location. You must be in your grove.
Set Environment:select an environment type from the dropdown list and click this button to change it. The environment controls the sky color and lightning. The default grove environment is CloudyDay. You will see the preview immediately, but other players won't see the changes until they re-enter the grove.

Prop Stash: Allows you to build a favorites list of prop assets. The list of props is stored locally in a cookie.
Set Working Asset: If the build tool is open, it updates the asset to reflect the object selected in the Prop Stash.
Add Working Asset to List: If the build tool is open, the asset name in the tool's input box is added to the Prop Stash.
Remove Entry: Removes the selected Prop Stash entry.
Remove All Entries: Clears the entire Prop Stash.

Prop Search
Prop Search
Shortcut: /ps, Ctrl+F6
Opens a panel where you can browse prop asset names by category and filter by name.
Search Filter: Type a name here and press Enter (or click Search) to search props by name. The buttons below can be used to view all props of each category, with optional filtering based on the Search Filter.
Prop: All standard Prop assets.
CL: Prefab sets of props which are placed and manipulated as a single entity.
Par: Particle effects that can be placed as props.
Bldg: Buildings and structures. May require ATS customization.
Cav: Dungeon cave sections. May require ATS customization.
Dng: Dungeon interior wall sections. May require ATS customization.
Set as Current Asset: The selected prop will become the working asset in the build tool.

Prop Generator
Prop Generator
Shortcut: /pg, Ctrl+F7
Allows you to place props which require specialized parameters. These include lights, seeded prefabs, and sounds.
Generate Light Asset: Select a light size and color, then click this button to update the current build asset complete with the proper info.
Generate Seeded Asset: Sets the build asset. Select a template from the dropdown list (templates use different sets of props based on themes). Density controls how sparse the randomized props will be. Seed will allow different randomized configurations of props and spacing. Size affects the area coverage where the generated props will appear.
Generate Sound Asset: Sets the build asset to place sound effects. Select an effect from the dropdown list, and volume. Most sounds in the list should loop. Your character will need to be near the prop to hear the effect.

Easy ATS
Easy ATS
Shortcut: /eats, Ctrl+F8
Allows batch ATS updates for selected props, and allows to you easily assign ATS to the current build asset.
Update Asset Name: The selected ATS will be assigned to the current asset in the build tool.
Apply to Selected Props: All selected props of valid types (Bldg, Cav, Dng) will receive the ATS change. Use /scenerybrowser or the build tool to select props. This action cannot be undone.
Note that ATS-Cave is intended for Cav props, and ATS-Dungeon for Dng props.

Chat Configuration
Chat Mod
Shortcut: /chatmod
Allows you to independently adjust the chat box size, font size, and background color.
Width and Height are ultimately to your window size.
Font Size allows all valid font sizes.
The background color and opacity percentage can be directly set here as well.
Click the Apply buttons or hit Enter after typing the numeric values to apply the new settings.

In-Game Forum
In-Game Forum
Shortcut: /igf, Ctrl+F9
An experimental client/server feature that allows you to write threads and reply to posts.
Category / Thread Navigation: Available categories and threads will be displayed here. Categories are denoted by angle brackets.
Open Category/Thread - Expands a category or opens a thread for reading. Optionally you may double click an entry in the Navigation list.
Back to Index: Returns to the Main Index, where you can select a different category to view.
New Thread: Opens the Post Edit window. When the post is submitted, a new thread will be created in the current category.
Reply To Thread: Opens the Post Edit window. When the post is submitted, it will be added to the current thread.
First Page, Previous, Next, Last Page: Use these buttons to navigate through pages of posts. Each page holds ten posts.
Run Action: Allows you to perform edit and moderation actions. Some actions require you to select a post.
- Copy Posts to Clipboard: does exactly as it says. Use this if you want to save posts.
- Edit Post: allows you to edit and resubmit posts. Edits are only accepted if you are the original author, and if the thread isn't locked. (Admin can edit anything).
- Delete Post: regular users may delete their own posts, as long as it's the last one in the thread. (Admin can delete anything).
- New Category: creates a new category (Admin only).
- Rename Thread/Category: Admin only.
- Delete Thread/Category: Admin only.
- Lock Thread/Category: Admin only. Locked threads will not accept replies. Locked categories will not accept threads. Locked threads will have [L] in the name.
- Unlock Thread/Category: Admin only.
- Sticky Thread: Admin only. Stickied threads will always appear at the top of the list. Stickied threads will have [S] in the name.
Post #: Some edit operations require you to select a post. Type a post number (as seen in the post display panel) or click the post number in the page view.

Edit Post
Edit Post
If creating a thread, you must enter a name. Limit 32 characters.
The post body has a 2000 character limit. Angle brackets ('<' and '>') are not accepted.
There are a few markup tags. Tags must be written in lowercase only.
[item] (see below)
[link] tags function similar to [url] tags on these forums, but you cannot provide alternate text.

Item Link
Drag an item from your inventory into the slot. This will generate a special tag. Copy will copy the tag to clipboard, where you can paste (Ctrl+V) it into the post body wherever you want. Optionally you can click Insert to place the tag into the post body at the last known cursor position.
You may drag more items into the slot to generate new links.

Submit Post: Sends the post to the server. If it passes the necessary edit checks, it will now be visible in the post pane.
Preview Post: Opens a new pane allowing you to preview the post, its tags and formatting.
Copy Post to Clipboard: Text that is manually copied from the input box may not have correct line breaks if you paste into another program (like notepad). Use this button instead.
Show Tag Help: Displays some of the tag information written above as a quick reference.

Item Preview
Item Preview
This window will pop up when you click an Item Link in the forum.
Mouse over the icon to view the item's stats.
Preview allows you to see what the item looks like when equipped. It is visible on your screen only.
Preview: Places the item on your character as if it was equipped. This is client side only. It will last until the server forces a refresh of your appearance (changing zones, equipping items, etc).
Restore Original: Removes the preview by restoring your character to its official server appearance.
Toggle Forum Pane: Since the forum panel covers a significant portion of the screen, you can use this button to quickly toggle the forum's UI on/off, allowing you to see your character. The item preview window will stay open.

Tail/Ear Resizing:
The commands:
Both commands can take 3 forms:
/earsize 1.2
/earsize 2 1 3
With no values supplied, it defaults to a scale of 1.0.
With one value, it sets a uniform scale of that amount across all axis.
With three values, it sets individual X, Y, Z axis amounts.
A size of 1 is generally about normal.
Other players cannot see these changes.
Due to the technical mechanics of the client's assembly mechanism, it affects all players or NPCs of your race.
Changes are not saved. When you relog, they'll be back to normal.

Notes on in-game forum posting:
The time stamp for posts uses the server's local time and may not reflect your time zone.
When you write new posts, the post author will be set to whatever character you're logged in as.
Posting privileges may be removed if you post unacceptable content, exploit links or markup tags, or abuse alternate character names for the sake of anonymous trolling (posts will track back to their originating account).