March 25, 2013

Version 28 Update Notes

This main theme of this update was to increase performance of the server by increasing efficiency in certain areas, reducing memory use, reducing threading problems, and fixing bugs and potential crashes.

Performance Enhancements
- Item lookups are faster.
- Updates to creature stat properties are slightly more efficient.
- Greatly reduced memory usage of all instantiated creatures and definitions.
- Revised scenery system, scenery lookups and edits of all kinds should be faster.
- Reduced memory usage by unloading scenery when no longer used.
- Server processing of incoming packets is slightly more efficient, and safer with reduced thread contention.
- Very slight gains when skipping creatures that aren't ready to respawn.

Bug Fixes
- /partyinvite now requires you to be inside an instance, to prevent exploits with dungeon resets.
- Noncombat status is no longer removed when selecting nothing.
- Taunt skills no longer bypass linked mobs.
- Potential fixes to some crashes that occurred when disconnecting players.
- Fixed some potential crashes with network sockets.
- Instances are now private again.
- The trade screen now requires the other player to approve before it opens.
- Hitpoints no longer drop when leveling up.
- Fixed a few broken spawn packages that weren't spawning.

New features, and other stuff
- Taunt skills can now be used to pull ranged mobs closer to you.
- Drop rate of dungeon tokens increased by 10%.
- Drop rate of crafting materials increased slightly.
- Most overworld animal creatures should now wander instead of standing still, although they may clip through objects.
- The Wilderbeastial camps in Midlands, and Scallywag camps in New Badari now spawn slower.
- Many bosses that used to spawn in multiple locations should now only spawn once, at randomized locations.
- Windstriker Anubians in Earthrise no longer drop crafting plans.
- Crafting plans no longer change the visible loot chest style.
- Added dual client and server ping tracking, and opt-in real-time reports.
- Groves can now be modified while the server is operational.

IGF Changes
- Thread pages now hold 5 posts each.
- Post text limit increased from 2000 to 4000 characters.
- A warning message is now provided when attempting to submit posts that are too long.
- New post tag for grove warps. When composing a post, click Show Tag Help for syntax information.
- Administrative commands for moving threads.

Real-Time Ping Diagnostics
To help diagnose connection problems, routine mutual pings are sent between the server and the client.

Server statistics:
/sping       View ping report.
/sping 250       Receive automatic notification if your ping is higher than the amount you provide. Use /sping 1 for real-time spamming.
/sping 0       Turn off automatic notifications.
/sping -1       Clear statistics.

Client statistics:
These provide similar readouts, but collected by the client instead of the server.
All commands are the same, but use /cping instead of /sping

Note: ping tracking can be disabled on the server. In this case, routine pings will never be sent by either the client or server.

Bosses changed to single randomized spawns:
Anglorum: Poombra, Mahj, Prisk, Volter, Blightbeak Matriarch, Granger Lashley
Europe: Feng, Sahniq, Brock Ironclaw, Noche Poisonclaw, Shromdar, Sapporen, Funga Frostspore, Arvil, Blighton Deadroot, Kingsley, Robber-Baron Redeye, Robber-Baron Swiftpaw, Rekker, Fierion Monastery - Codex, Folio
Brewery - Warpig Bud, Warpig Miller
Wilhelm's Crypt: Commander Adalhelm, Templar Cornelius
Forest Cavern - Grutt Longfang
The Down Below - Paylen Meer
Goliath Ruins - Grokk
Quest objects: Faerns' Journal, Kazeekela's Tablets, Wooden Chest (Deadwood)

Spawn packages fixed:
Goliath Ruins: Stalagsoothe, Stalagsorcer
Wilhelm's Crypt: Ritualist
Europe: Fierion