Reference: ItemMod (Folder Index)


Contains data files specific to randomized loot generation, including attributes, attribute ranges, appearance, icons, names, etc.

Appearances.txt -- Defines all possible item appearances.
EquipTable.txt -- Defines all possible item types and weighted chances.
Icons.txt -- Defines all possible icons.
ModTables.txt -- Defines all stat tables and their associated files.
ItemMod Tables -- File format of stat table files.
ModTemplates.txt -- Defines how modifiers are applied to specific item types.
NameMod.txt -- Defines how the base item name is modified by chosen affixes.
Names.txt -- Defines all possible base names for an item type.
NameWeight.txt -- Defines how affixes are chosen based on relative modifier power.
RarityConfig.txt -- Basic settings of the ItemMod system.