Reference: ItemMod/Tables (Folder Index)


Contains all files with the attribute range tables for various attribute types and equipment types.

The server internally refers to these items as Virtual Items, as they are not present in the ItemDef files and are fully generated to mimic the behavior of real items.

Each table file is a .CVS file (comma separated values) with 11 columns and 71 rows.

File Format

Table file. Comma separated values. All numbers are short integers (-32,768 to 32,767) .
Comment character: semicolon (;)
First line is always ignored (assumed as header).

General layout: each table has 11 columns, and 71 rows (header, plus 70 lines for levels 1-70)


Table Columns

Property Description
level Short. The item level, which corresponds to mob level. Every table holds data for levels 1 to 70. 70 is an arbitrary level limit in the client (as per the experience table) so the tables were designed to allow theoretical items of any level up to 70.
2min,2max Short Integer. These two columns set the minimum and maximum values for a particular attribute type that can spawn on Uncommon (green color) items, for which ItemDef mQualityLevel=2
3min,3max Short Integers. Min/max for Rare (blue). ItemDef mQualityLevel=3
4min,4max Short Integers. Min/max for Epic (purple). ItemDef mQualityLevel=4
5min,5max Short Integers. Min/max for Legendary (yellow). ItemDef mQualityLevel=5
6min,6max Short Integers. Min/max for Artifact (orange). ItemDef mQualityLevel=6