Reference: NameMod.txt


Defines the prefix and suffix names for items that roll with particular stats.

See also: NameWeight.txt which defines how stats are weighted for name selection.

File Format

List file. Delimiters: equal sign (=) and comma (,).
Comment character: semicolon (;)
No header.

Line Format: prefix=stat,text suffix=stat,text

Property Description
prefix Entries defined as a prefix will be selected based on the highest weighted stat that rolls on the item. Since nearly every generated item rolls with at least 1 stat, it will always select a prefix if one is defined.
suffix Entries defined as a suffix will be selected based on the second highest weighted stat that rolls on the item.

Suffixes will not be examined unless the item spawns with 2 or more affixed properties. A low level item that only spawns one property cannot have a suffix, because that lone stat is weighted the highest and is therefore a prefix.

stat The character stat to associate the affix name with. See Character Stats

There is a special case if two stats are combined by a pipe character. Example: strength|dexterity. If the highest and second highest stats match those two properties (in any order) then they can be given a new prefix (rather than just choosing based on strength or dexterity alone). This method does not work on suffixes.

text The text that will be added before or after the item name, depending on whether the stat was chosen as a prefix or suffix.