Reference: NameWeight.txt


Defines how stats are weighted against each other when choosing the prefix and suffix names on the item. The highest stat will be chosen for the prefix, and the second highest will be chosen for the suffix.

See also: NameMod.txt which defines the actual prefix/suffix names.

File Format

List file. Key=Value pairs. Delimiters: equal sign (=)
Comment character: semicolon (;)
No header.

Line Format: statName=multiplier

Property Description
statName String. The character stat. Refer to Character Stats for a full list. Items can only be generated to have numeric-type stats.
multiplier Float. This is multiplied with the stat's generated value to decide its total worth. Some stats like casting_setback_chance use negative values, so negative multipliers are needed to achieve a positive weight that can be appropriately compared with other stats.

Example: suppose an item rolls with 40 strength and 3% physical critical chance. Since most percentage stats are represented as an integer (10 units equating to 1%), the raw stats on the item would be 40 strength and 30 critical chance.

If the weights were defined as:
strength=1.0 mod_melee_to_crit=1.5

Then the weights would be calculated
Strength: 40 * 1.0 = 40
Crit chance: 30 * 1.5 = 45

So the critical chance becomes the highest weighted stat for the prefix. Strength is the next highest stat and becomes the suffix.