Reference: RarityConfig.txt


Defines some of the basic parameters of items, such as drop quality, drop rate, and potential stat totals.

File Format

INI format. Key=Value pairs.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
Each line is split at the first "=" symbol.


Property Description
[ENTRY] Begins a new rarity block. There are only a limited number of blocks, determined one for each possible mQualityLevel rating. The system is designed to use only quality levels 2 (uncommon) through 6 (artifact).
mQualityLevel Integer. Corresponds to the ItemDef mQualityLevel property. All configuration properties in this [ENTRY] will be applied to this quality level.
Level Integer. The minimum level required to spawn this quality. The level of a generated item generally matches the level of the creature that dropped it.
Chance Integer. The drop chance for an item of this quality, expressed as a denominator. A chance of 100 evaluates to 1/100, or 1% chance on any given kill.
StatMax Integer. The maximum number of core stats that may spawn on an item. Core points are distributed into core stats. Which core stats are chosen purely at random. Core stats are strength, dexterity, constitution, psyche, and spirit.

Example: if StatMax is 2, then only two of those 5 possibilities may be chosen to receive points.

ModMax Integer. The maximum number of stats and modifiers that may spawn on an item. This includes core stats, plus any pre-determined and bonus modifiers. This can be extended further by LevelBonus.
LevelBonus Float. Helps determine the number of bonus modifiers that may spawn on an item (exceeding ModMax).

For example, if this bonus is 1.5, then a level 40 item has 40 * 1.5 = 60, which translates into an 60% chance of increasing ModMax by 1 for that item.

If the calculated level bonus is greater than 100, say 250%, then it increases ModMax by +2 then a 50% chance to increase another +1.

RollMin Float. The minimum ratio of total core stat points that may be allocated into a single stat. Also see RollMax.
RollMax Float. The maximum ratio of total core stat points that may be allocated into a single stat. Both RollMin and RollMax allow items to spawn with multiple stats like both strength and dexterity with relative percentages. If StatMax has been reached, all remaining unallocated points will be dumped into the final chosen stat regardless of the maximum ratio.
NullMod Integer. The percent chance that any given bonus modifier slot will roll as nothing. Bonus modifiers are rolled after the item's "intrinsic" and "always" modifiers have been applied. The number of total slots is based on ModMax and LevelBonus. This can help widen the scope of randomness, allowing potential for much better items while balancing the odds with weaker items.
StatPointMult Float. The multiplier to the total number of core stat points that are allocated to an item (only applies to str/dex/con/psy/spi). This allows tweaking the core power of each quality level without having to tediously edit or re-scale the core stat tables.