Reference: Dynamic (Folder Index)


The files in this folder are dynamically modified. That is, contents may be edited, added, or removed while the server is in operation. The files are saved when necessary, typically by periodic autosaves.

These files can be manually edited, but only when the server is offline, otherwise the edits will be lost when the next autosave happens.

File List

AccountList.txt -- The central account database.

FriendList.txt -- Stores the information that appears in the client friend list. This is a cache file and entries are only added or updated when a player logs out.

FriendNetwork.txt -- Stores information on friend lists for each player character. Each player may have a list of friends.

RegistrationKeys.txt -- The list of available registration keys for account creation.

UsedNames.txt -- A database of all character names that have been registered. This database also doubles for internal character lookups by name or ID.

ZoneIndex.txt -- A database of all ZoneDefs present in the game. This master list is used for linking groves to accounts, looking up used grove names, and warp names as well. If a new grove is added, it needs to have an entry here.