Reference: FriendList.txt


A cache file, storing the character data that is visible in the friends list (name, level, location, etc). Entries are updated (or created if not already existing) when the player logs out.

File Format

Table file (crude). Fields are separated by a comma (,) and pipe (|). The pipe signals the final token break, any commas after are included in the string.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
No header.

Every line expects at least 6, and an optional 7 values in order:

CreatureDef ID Integer. The CreatureDef ID of the player character.
Name String. Character name.
Level Integer. Character experience level.
Class Integer. The character's class. See profession (Creature Stat) or specifically Player Profession Values
Online Bool. Whether the character is considered online or not. This value is ignored and set to false when the data is loaded.
Shard String. The shard name (location) that the player was last active.
Status String. Optional. Arbitrary status message that players may write for themselves.