Reference: ZoneIndex.txt


The master list of all zones (including overworld, dungeons, groves, and any others). This associates warp names and optional account owners to each zone ID. This list is used when searching for groves belonging to a player, and for determining the target Zone ID for warp commands.

Special Notes

If a new grove is manually added to a player, it must have a corresponding entry here.

The applicable information from all the entries present in ZoneDef.txt are imported into this index on server start. Any new non-grove zones (such as new dungeons) don't necessarily have to manually updated here.

File Format

Table file. Delimiter separated values. Delimiter: semicolon (;)
Comment character: none
No header.

Each line contains 4 values separated by the delimiter. They appear in this order:

Zone ID Integer. Used as the table key. The Zone ID must be unique.
Account ID Integer. For groves, this is the Account ID of the owner. This property is used for enumerating groves via the /grove command.
Warp Name String. The full warp name of this zone, as when using the /warpi command. Case sensitive.
Grove Name String. For groves only. This should match the player account's grove name (see AccountList.txt)