Reference: EliteAffix.txt


Contains a list of all the affix and affix groups that may be assigned to elite mobs.

File Format

Table file. Tab separated values.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
First line is always ignored (assumed as header).

Table Columns

InternalName Name of the affix entry. Each affix holds a single stat modifier. If you want to use multiple stat modifiers, prefix the name with a hashtag (#) symbol.
DispName If present, this name will be entered into the mob's subtitle text if it's not already included.
MinLevel The minimum mob level to include this affix for consideration. Use -1 to prevent from consideration. It can still be applied if explicitly named.
MaxLevel The maximum mob level to include this affix for consideration. Use -1 to prevent from consideration. It can still be applied if explicitly named.
Stat The stat to modify. See the CreatureDef stats table for information on available stats and how those properties are used. Only numerical stats can be modified.
Operation Defines how to adjust the stat. Use one of the following four mathematical symbols {+ | - | * | / } to add, subtract, multiply, or divide, respectively. Note that spreadsheet programs may convert a single '+' sign as an integer with zero value. Get around this by using a string like '++' instead. Only the first character of the string is used to determine the operator.
Value Amount to adjust. Either as a flat change in the case of addition or subtraction, or scale as multipliers or divisors.
NextName The InternalName of another affix line to automatically process. You can use this to chain multiple affixes to a particular effect. Remember that if name begins with a hashtag (#) it will include all affixes matching that name.

Important! Avoid creating loops by self-referencing names or names that loop over a larger chain. Loops may hang the server in an indefinite freeze. The server has some basic safeguards to prevent too many loops but it may not be foolproof, so be careful.

BonusExp Bonus amount of experience that this stat bonus will provide. For example, a value of 40 means that this stat will contribute 40% more experience on kill than it normally would. Experience bonuses from affixes are additive, so if one affix grants 40 and another 60, the total is 100 (+100%, or double experience) if the player kills an equal level mob. Stacks with the base elite type experience bonus.
BonusDrop Bonus multiplier to drop rate that this stat bonus will provide. This value computes by adding the amount provided by affixes and the base elite type. For example, an amount of 100 means +100% drop rate, or a 2x multiplier. The final multiplier stacks multiplicatively with other drop multipliers (like heroic type, named mobs, scaled dungeons, etc).

How It Works

Elite mobs are simply a form of promotion of a normally spawning mob. If a mob successfully rolls as elite, its stats are modified from their base values, according to the chosen affixes.

Elite mobs spawn as neutral, so that players can choose to ignore them.

Named mobs cannot spawn as elite. This is to prevent required targets such as quest bosses from being too difficult for a player to kill on their own.

Elite types can be grouped into different stages of difficulty or frequency based on level. See the EliteType.txt file for information. A single type is chosen at random from the list of types whos level range includes the mob.

Each elite type from the above file can select a batch of default affixes for a generic stat boost. These affixes are usually grouped together with a hashtag name, and with a level range of -1.

Additional affixes are chosen by scanning all affixes in the table that match the level range, ignoring any with a range of -1. This is what allows some affixes to be processed as a separate group, rather than risk multiple applications of the same affix.

Once a list of potential affixes is chosen, the system will select an affix, and apply its stats. If the 'NextName' field has something, it can chain multiple affix bonuses off the initially chosen one.

Once the properties are assigned, the mob appears in the game with altered stats.