Reference: EliteType.txt


Contains a list of elite types. Overworld mobs (standard, non-named) may be promoted to elite mobs with more difficult stats, and with bonus drop rates and experience gains.

File Format

Table file. Tab separated values.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
First line is always ignored (assumed as header).

Table Columns

Display Name If an elite is rolled, this name will prefix the normal mob's name.
Chance The chance to promote a mob to elite. This value is a chance the denominator. A value of 100 means 1 in 100 = 1% chance.
MinLevel The minimum mob level to consider this type.
MaxLevel The maximum mob level to consider this type.
MinAffix Minimum number of random affixes to apply (not actual stat bonuses).
MaxAffix Maximum number of random affixes to apply (not actual stat bonuses).
IntrinsicAffix An affix name or group to apply a base set of bonuses before random affixes are selected.
BonusExp Bonus amount of experience that this elite type will provide. For example, a value of 40 means that this stat will contribute 40% more experience on kill than it normally would. Experience bonuses from affixes are additive, so if one affix grants 40 and another 60, the total is 100 (+100%, or double experience) if the player kills an equal level mob. Stacks with affix experience bonuses.
BonusDrop Bonus multiplier to drop rate that this stat bonus will provide. This value computes by adding the amount provided by affixes and the base elite type. For example, an amount of 100 means +100% drop rate, or a 2x multiplier. The final multiplier stacks multiplicatively with other drop multipliers (like heroic type, named mobs, scaled dungeons, etc).

How It Works

See EliteAffix.txt for a description of how the elite system works as a whole.