Reference: CreatureDef.txt


Contains all official creatures, NPCs, and spawnable objects that existed in Earth Eternal Reborn. Extra creatures specific to this server can be found in separate files.

File Format

Resembles INI format. Properties are assigned as key=value pairs.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
Uses section headers.


Property Name Value Type Description
[ENTRY] N/A Begins a new entry.
ID Integer Table key. Must be unique.
defHints Integer Flags for additional behavior. Add the corresponding values. See DefHints Values.
ExtraData String Extra parameters. A list of extra properties used for specific purposes. Multiple properties can be can be chained together by separating them with an ampersand (&)


See the ExtraData Properties Table below for a list of valid properties and what they're used for.

Effects String A comma separated list of status effect names to apply to this object when it is spawned. Names must be uppercase. See Status Effects.
* anything else * varies Any other property names are compared to the creature stat set. This is used to set values for strength, armor, constitution, damage, etc. Stat names must be lowercase. See Creature Stats.

ExtraData Properties

Property Name Value Type Description Example
namedmob Integer Indicates that this creature is a named mob. Used to calculate additional drop rates for randomized items. namedmob=1
dropratemult Float Bonus drop rate multiplier, specific to this creature. dropratemult=2.5