Reference: VirtualItems (Folder Index)


This folder contains all virtual items, stored into pages. Pages are saved automatically by the server when changed (when added or removed).

There are a maximum of 256 items stored per page.

These are not ItemDef files, but many properties use matching names for their corresponding ItemDef equivalent.

File Format

INI format. Key=Value pairs
Comment character: semicolon (;)


Property Description
[ENTRY] Begins a new entry.
mID Integer. Corresponds to ItemDef mID.
mLevel Integer. Corresponds to ItemDef mLevel.
mQualityLevel Integer. Corresponds to ItemDef mQualityLevel.
mValue Integer. Corresponds to ItemDef mValue.
mType Integer. Corresponds to ItemDef mType.
mEquipType Integer. Corresponds to ItemDef mEquipType.
mWeaponType Integer. Corresponds to ItemDef mWeaponType.
mDisplayName String. Corresponds to ItemDef mDisplayName.
mIcon String. Corresponds to ItemDef mIcon.
mAppearance String. Corresponds to ItemDef mAppearance.
mods String. A list of modifiers in the format of

These modifiers contain all other pieces of information about the item. They are loaded through a system that expands these entries into proper ItemDef entries in the server. The modifiers use some predefined modifier names, but the rest are Character Stat names.

More extensive information on the special modifier names and acceptable stats are present in the ModTemplates.txt documentation. Look for the Modifier Line Format table, then look for the statName description.