Reference: Static.txt

Defines static (stationary) spawns for NPCs, without the need for adding SpawnPoints to a zone. Static spawns will always be spawned as friendly, neutral, stationary, and invincible. Ideal for certain quest-givers and reward chests.

Static spawns are global and are always resident within a zone, even if players are far away. Every NPC in a region will contribute a negligable amount of server overhead for processing, so it is recommended to avoid excessive use of static spawns.

Overworld regions include some static NPCs for holiday themed events. Comment their lines to disable them, or uncomment to enable.

List file. One entry per line. Delimiters: equal sign (=) and comma (,).
Comment character: semicolon (;)
No header.

Line Format

Template: CDefID=X,Y,Z,Facing

Property Description
CDefID Integer. Creature type to spawn. Must be defined in a loaded CreatureDef file.
X Integer. Coordinate to spawn.
Y Integer. Coordinate to spawn.
Z Integer. Coordinate to spawn.
Facing Integer. The angle to rotate. Facing operates with values from 0 to 255. A value of 64 corresponds to 90 degrees, 128 is ~180 degrees, 192 is ~270 degrees, 255 is ~360 degrees, almost full circle. Anything else inbetween is acceptable too.