This file defines contents of essence chests (any chest that exchanges essences/tokens/keys/etc for items).

Resembles INI format with structured blocks.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
Each line is split into a key=value pair on the first "=" symbol.

Block Format

Property Description
[ENTRY] Begins a new vendor definition.
CreatureDefID Integer. The ID of the creature this vendor is attached to. Make sure the CreatureDef defHints property is set to 8 (CDEF_HINT_ESSENCE_VENDOR).
EssenceID Integer. The ItemDef ID of the token that must be exchanged to acquire these items.
Item Two integers, separated by a comma. The first is an ItemDef ID of the item. The second is the number of tokens that must be exchanged to acquire this item.

Limit one item per line. Maximum number of items is unlimited, but is recommended to keep a reasonable amount (no more than a few pages worth of items in the client browser).