Reference: ZoneMarkers.txt


Contains a listing of all special zone coordinates, particularly sanctuaries.

File Format

Resembles INI format with structured blocks.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
Each line is split into tokens at the "=" and "," symbols.

Block Format

Property Type Description
[ENTRY] N/A Begins a new entry.
ZoneID Integer Special case. Subsequent entries will be loaded into this zone, until changed by a new ZoneID line.
Sanctuary Float,Float,Float,String,String Marks a sanctuary location. The first three floats are the X,Y,Z coordinates of the sanctuary.

The first string is a descriptive name for the location that will appear as your bind location.

The last string is optional, and indicates a filter of map regions. This sanctuary will only be considered as a respawn point if the player is within that region. Multiple regions may be used by separating them with a pipe "|" character (although current detection only uses a simple substring find).

For region names, refer to the MapDef.txt Name property. Note that the actual tile considerations for regions are defined in MapLocations.txt.