Reference: ScaledDifficulties.txt


Determines all the options for scaled dungeon instances. Stat multipliers, bonuses, drop rates, etc.

File Format

Table file. Tab separated values.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
First line is always ignored (assumed as header).

Table Columns

Column Type Description
DifficultyName String Name of the profile. Serves as the table's key.
DropRateProfile String If an instance is created under this scaling profile, this will override the instance's default scaling profile. There must be a matching drop rate profile in the DropRateProfile.txt file.
LevelOffset Integer If zero or higher, creatures will be scaled above to match this level offset. If negative, the mobs will scale to match the player level. Mobs cannot be scaled down in level.
CoreMultPerLev Float Multiplier to all five core stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Psyche, Spirit) for every level increase. This multiplier is applied exponentially.
DmgMultPerLev Float Multiplier to creature weapon damage for every level increase. This multiplier is applied exponentially.
ArmorMultPerLev Float Multiplier to armor ratings (physical and elemental) for every level increase. This multiplier is applied exponentially.
StatMultBonus Float Bonus multiplier to the four skill combat stats (Strength, Dexterity, Psyche, Spirit) which is applied after the level scale.
ConMultBonus Float Bonus multiplier to Constitution which is applied after the level scale.
DmgMultBonus Float Bonus multiplier to creature weapon damage which is applied after the level scale.
ArmorMultBonus Float Bonus multiplier to armor ratings (physical and elemental) which is applied after the level scale.
DropMult Float Drop multiplier to all creatures that have been scaled with this profile.
Description String Description to display in the client when they're browsing the available profiles.

How it works

If the player selects a scaling profile (using the /dng client command), any dungeon that is created in their name (solo or as party leader) will be scaled up according to the multipliers of the chosen profile. Mobs can be scaled up by level, but not down. However, mobs could be made weaker by setting the level offset to zero, and changing the bonus multipiers to produce lower stats than the original.

Multipliers should not be negative, and have not been tested.

Certain stats modified by the scalers will be limited to the maximum acceptable values that the data types support (typically 2 byte integers, maximum value of 32767). However, if mobs use buff skills that push their values higher, particularly constitution, this may cause problems in the client. If the resulting health is an overflow, the client will interpret the creature as having negative health and the player will not be able to interact with it. Keep the scaler amounts within sane limits, and test the results offline.

Note: The short integer overflow problem can be averted. See the UseIntegerHealth property in ServerConfig.txt.

All creatures in the instance will be scaled with the same profile.

After examining the trends of most creatures used in the game, it was found that they receive roughly a 7% stat increase (Str/Dex/Con/Psy/Spi, Weapon Damage, Armor Ratings) each level. The level scalers reflect those trends, but they can be customized to something else.

The description supports a few basic HTML tags to help format the text when viewed in the client:

<font size="24">...text...</font>
<font color="FFFFFF">...text...</font>

Note: Font sizes less than 12, or greater than 32, will crash the client. Font colors follow hexadecimal RGB notation.