Reference: ResCost.txt


Determines how much the resurrect options will cost when a player dies.

File Format

Table file. Tab separated values.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
First line is always ignored (assumed as header).

Table Columns

Level Must have one line for each possible level, or else the cost won't be retrieved.
Option2 The cost (in copper) of the second option in the resurrect screen.
Option3 The cost of the third option in the resurrect screen.

How It Works

When a player dies, the server looks up the player's level in the table, returning the cost amounts for Option2 and Option3.

Option1 is not included in this file because it must always remain zero. Otherwise players with zero coin could find themselves in a situation where they are unable to revive.

Unless otherwise altered, these are the formulas that were used to determine the cost:
Option2 : (Level ^ 3) / 7.5
Option3 : (Level ^ 3) / 2.5