Reference: Pets.txt


This is essentially the data returned to the client when using the /pet command to browse and purchase pets. It also assists server side operations for purchasing the pet.

Pets require CreatureDef entries as the visible creature in game, and ItemDef entries for the inventory item to spawn or despawn them. These may be found in the CreatureDef_Pets.txt and ItemDef_Pets.txt files.

File Format

List file.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
Each line is split into tokens using the "," symbol (CSV format).

Block Format

Property Type Description
CreatureDefID Integer Corresponds to an ID in a CreatureDef file.
DisplayName String The pet's name. Usually corresponds to the CreatureDef display_name property.
Level Integer The level required to have to this pet. Typically corresponds to the CreatureDef level property.
Cost Integer Amount in copper to purchase the pet.
Desc String Short description of the pet. Can be anything.
ItemDefID Integer Corresponds to ItemDef mID property of the inventory item for this pet.