Reference: InteractDef.txt


Defines non-quest interact objects and locations. These include dungeon entrance/exit portals, warps, and henges.

Block Format

Resembles INI format with structured blocks.
Comment character: semicolon (;)
Each line is split into tokens following a "=" or "," symbol.

[ENTRY] Begins a new block. Any properties read from the file will be entered into this block data. The block will be successfully loaded if it has a valid Type field.
Name String (limit 64 characters). Internal name of the entry. Not used for server operation.
Type String. Must be one of the following 4 values: {none, warp, henge, locationreturn}

none: disabled
warp: Using this object will warp to its coordinate data. Used for warps into and out of dungeons, or for warps within a dungeon from floor to floor (like Broken Tower).
henge: Using this object will add it to the player's known henge list, and present a list of known henge destinations to choose from.
locationreturn: Using this object returns the player to their grove return sanctuary. Useful for arena maps so that players can join from anywhere and return to their last location.

Message String. Message to display in the client's interact timer bar when using the interact.
UseTime Integer. Time in milliseconds that the player must interact with the object (for 'warp' types. May be omitted. Default is 2000 (2 seconds).
ObjectID Integer. The CreatureDef ID of this interact. Typically a creature with a prop appearance. Creatures are used in the game because props cannot be interacted with, but spawned creatures can.
Facing Integer. Use values of 0 to 255. This scales to a range of 0 to 360 degrees of rotation used in the client. Although intended to be the directional facing of the player after they use the interact, the client does not seem to properly support it.
WarpTo Expects 4 integer values, separated by commas. These are X,Y,Z,ZoneID, respectively. X,Y,Z are coordinates to place the player. ZoneID must be a valid zone. See the ZoneDef file.
Quest Expects 1 integer, or optionally 2 integers separated by a comma.

The first is a quest ID. This interact can only be used if the player is currently on the quest, or has completed it.

If the second integer is provided, and nonzero, the interact can only be used after the quest is completed, not during it.

Cost Integer. If this is a 'henge' type interact, this is the cost (in copper) required to use this henge.
Zone Integer. This is a Zone ID. If this field is present, the interact is only usable from within this specified zone. If not present, this interact can be used anywhere the interact creature is spawned (but not player groves).